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Superior Aluminium Fabrication in Melbourne

Manufacturing high quality products is what Ri-cal Improvements is all about. We specialise in aluminum fabrication and pride ourselves on our quality finishes. Check out our Gate fabrication business here to see the quality of our workmanship

We can manage the fabrication of small individual parts to completely assembled pieces. Whether you need high or low volumes, we will manufacture to your specifications or offer custom metalwork for all Melbourne customers.


 Aluminium Fabrication in Melbourne

Aluminum Fabrication in Melbourne

The process of aluminium fabrication differs from the traditional metal and steel fabrication methods. Aluminum is a lightweight, corrosion resistant form of steel that requires a much greater form of care when working with it. The process of aluminium fabrication can consist of cutting, grinding, drilling and shaping the material to suit a number of purposes.

Aluminium is a very popular choice of metal because it lightweight, resistant to corrosion, conducts heat and electricity well and it a one of those rare metals that are not effected by magnets. When it comes to welding aluminium, it can be very tricky because of the high heat transfer and how fast the metal warms up. That is why you need an experienced fabricator to ensure the tricky task is done correctly without burning holes in the material.

Ri-Cal are specialists when it comes to Aluminium Fabrication in Melbourne. With over 20 years of experience, they are professionals and will ensure your aluminium welding needs are well and truly looked after.

Some of the main products aluminium fabrication is used for are:

  • * Window Frames
  • * Building Materials
  • * Automotive and Bike parts
  • * Boats and Boat Parts
  • * Automatic Gates and Fencing
  • * Kitchens – Commercial and Domestic
  • * And More

So if you are needing some aluminium fabrication or any other metal fabrication work, let Ri-Cal Improvements handle the task. Call us on 0409 257 535 for more information.