Superior Metalwork & Aluminium Fabrication in Melbourne

Manufacturing high quality products is what Ri-cal Improvements is all about. We do not just specialise in metal fabrication, but architectural metalwork. We pride ourselves on our quality finishes. Check out our Gate fabrication business here to see the quality of our workmanship

We can manage the fabrication of small individual parts to completely assembled pieces. Whether you need high or low volumes, we will manufacture to your specifications or offer custom metalwork for all Melbourne customers.


Material Selection


1. Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium steel is light weight, corrosion resistant and can be powder coated. Our aluminium fabrication in Melbourne is of the highest standard and offers a superior finished result. We pride ourselves on the quality of our aluminium fabrication services.


2. Stainless

Stainless steel is stronger than aluminium but can corrode over time. Can be powder coated.


3. Corten

Very popular with today’s modern design, left untreated in its raw state, its high resistance to corrosion gives its impressive colour and texture

Combine all types of metal with other mediums including timber or glass.
Our high quality finishes can include:

Lasercut Designs

Ri-cal Improvements recommends using LaserCut designs to dress up and enhance any area of your retail or residential space. Using different designs and materials, we can help you achieve a modern architectural feel to any area you desire whether indoors or out.

Provide your own design or we can help by offering custom metalwork designs with your taste and budget in mind. We will guide you through the process including the design of the screen and materials to use and then install when complete.

LaserCut designs include:

Privacy Screens:

Architectural Screens :

External Windows, balcony dividers, decking areas, additional shading etc

Water features, landscape gardens, Shading and Retail fitouts – shops/cafe/bars, hiding unsightly areas

Architectural and custom metalwork is our forte

We pride ourselves on our extensive history of metal fabrication for Melbourne customers, delivering premium quality work and excellent customer service which has built our reputation for the past 20 years. When you need innovative, custom LaserCut designs and architectural metalwork in Melbourne, please contact us to discuss your requirements.